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Viable Curriculum for All Students

Lewis-Palmer School District is committed to providing a “guaranteed and viable” curriculum for all students. A guaranteed curriculum ensures that, through the professional collaboration of teachers, it is agreed what content should be addressed in each course or grade level. A viable curriculum ensures that each student will be given the time and opportunity to learn the content expected of them. We strive to develop a meaningful and enriching environment in the classroom which captures the imagination and intellectual curiosity of our students.

As students progress through our system from preschool to 12th grade, we build on the concepts learned previously and work to develop a strong foundation for academic achievement at the next level of education. We strive to prepare our students for post-secondary pursuits, and we develop our curriculum based on the Colorado Academic Standards. We utilize the most current research on learning theory to provide rigorous and relevant content, which complements each student’s level of cognitive development. Through our course content and course selection at the secondary level, we provide our students with the background to succeed on any and all of the academic tests we utilize to track academic growth.

Professional Learning Communities

Our District is committed to staff development & school improvement through the use of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). In all of our schools, structured time is provided for teachers to work together in planning instruction, observing each other’s classrooms, and sharing feedback. Our teachers and administrators continuously seek and share learning and then act on what they have learned.

The fundamental purpose of Professional Learning Communities is a focus on and a commitment to high levels of learning for each student. In PLCs, we focus on learning by asking four critical questions:

The PLCs support a culture of collaboration by creating systems and structures to support learning for all. Collaboration is the process by which teachers work together to impact their classroom practices in ways that will lead to better results for their students, their teams and their schools. Collaborative teams engage in collective inquiry about best practices in teaching and learning. For these reasons, a commitment to continuous improvement is inherent in the PLCs.

Our caring and dedicated staff, through these Professional Learning Communities, work together to continually improve their practices and provide high levels of learning for every student.

Need More Information About School Performance?

The SchoolView portal contains a tool for exploring the Colorado Growth Model data, a Learning Center option to guide users through the many kinds of information in the new portal and a Community Connections online forum. Visitors to the site can access and compare the performance of Colorado schools and districts across the state. Access the portal at www.schoolview.org

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