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Staff and Students

AP Classes and Honors Classes

Both high schools participate in the College Board National Advanced Placement program. Currently, courses are offered in the following subject areas: Art, Photography, Language, Literature, Statistics, Computer Science, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, European History, US History, US Government, Psychology, German, and Spanish. Advanced Placement courses are the equivalent of introductory college courses, and for this reason, it is possible for some students to complete certain college course requirements while still in high school.

Honors courses at the high school stress academic excellence and rigor and are designed to purposefully teach in-depth content in an interactive classroom environment. Honors courses extend the ideas and content of the required standards-based curriculum with more rigorous material and more extensive expectations.

College Partnerships

Eligible high school juniors and seniors may enroll in classes at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) to earn college/high school credit while still enrolled in high school. Qualifying classes may be taken at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. Under specific guidelines, LPSD will pay tuition for up to two approved classes per semester. In addition, seniors interested in pursuing education and a career in the health and science fields may also participate in the Learning Link Program through Memorial Hospital. This program offers high school seniors an opportunity to work and learn within an actual hospital setting.

Options 38

This high school alternative provides students with a wider variety of choices for learning than the more traditional educational experience. Through this program, students are able to fulfill their Lewis-Palmer graduation requirements within a different format and structure, including real-life learning, job shadowing, online learning, independent study, and whole group learning.

Special Services

Students who qualify as students with educational disabilities are expected to meet high academic and behavioral standards. The purpose of special education services in Lewis-Palmer School District 38 is to support students in the attainment of Colorado Academic Standards and to learn skills that will enable the students to be successful in adult life.

Gifted Education

Our district provides services to students whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment are so exceptional and developmentally advanced that they require differentiated programming to meet their education needs.

There are Gifted Education facilitators in each of the schools who support the programming needs of students. Our Gifted Education Mission is to recognize and nurture the development of exceptional abilities so that all gifted students demonstrate positive character development, high level thinking, and creative productivity.

Elementary Enrichment

Each elementary school in the district offers before- and after-school enrichment opportunities for their students to explore other areas of study outside of the classroom. These experiences allow students to investigate a variety of activities and encourage lifelong learning.

Summer Activities

There’s always something to do in the summertime to continue a quality education.